Cot Sheet Set, Organic Cotton, Print Detail


Babies sleep a lot, so getting their bedding right is important. By making the conscious choice of using our 100% organic cotton cot sheet set, you're helping baby get a better night’s sleep, giving you valuable peace of mind.

The super softness of the organic cotton and the material’s superior ability to breathe creates a comfortable sleeping environment with temperature regulation. This is important to sleeping well.


Organic cotton offers many benefits to help baby, including:

●  Super softness for baby, helping to promote a great sleep

●  Regulation of body temperature, due to the material’s ability to breathe

●  Hypoallergenic, meaning no rashes or eczema

●  Durability, made to last

●  Protecting baby’s skin is important. No harsh chemicals or toxins are used, to protect baby’s new and thinner skin.

●  Can be washed in hot water, meaning it can be sterilised.

●  Great for the environment too! Natural dyes, 70% less water used in a closed loop process and free from synthetic chemicals.


These adorable cot sheets come in white with a gentle print in dove grey across the top of the flat sheet and a strip along the pillowcase. Neutral colours mean they'll compliment any colour scheme you have chosen for the nursery.

Each set comes with a deep, fitted sheet with full elastic, a generous flat sheet, pillowcase, and a dust bag for easy access and storage.


Like normal cot sheets, but better.


GOTS certified organic cotton is the gold standard in sustainability, using 70% less water than conventional production; safe for baby and a whole lot lighter on the planet. Read more about our Whole Chain Responsibility under the about us tab.

You can check out our handy size chart  to give you the finer details on dimensions :).


Flat sheet

Cot  140 x 140 cms
Single  195 x 270 cms
King Single 195 x 270 cms
Double 240 x 270 cms
255 x 270 cms 
285 x 270 cms


Fitted Sheet 

Cot 70 x 140 x 20 cms
Single 91 x 195 x 270 cms
King Single 107 x 203 x 40 cms
Double 137 x 195 x 40 cms
152 x 203 x 40 cms
183 x 203 x 40 cms



Cot pillowcase 42 x 61cms
50 x 75 cms

Our GOTS certified organic cotton is the gold standard in sustainable production. The cotton is grown in Southern India with 70% less irrigated water than conventional cotton farming, without any chemicals, pesticides and is GMO-free. The manufacturing process takes place in Kolkata and only uses non-azo dyes without any toxic chemicals, processing aids or sprays. 

Our supply chain minimises impact through efficient energy and water use, as well as not contributing to the chemical load in our air and water supplies, or the soil table like conventional production methods.

When you decide the end of it's life cycle has come; after reusing and reusing and repurposing, you can complete the life cycle by composting. 

Respecting people and planet throughout the entire life cycle are key pillars of our SOURCE philosophy.

We have established our supply chain in India through personal inspection, to give us complete confidence in the process and procedures of GOTS certification, and a consistent chain of fair trade from the Chetna Farmer's Cooperative, all the way through processing and production.

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