You deserve better. We all deserve better. The choices we make have a massive impact on us - our health, our environment and other humans; yet we aren’t given the information we need to make informed, conscious choices.

As consumers, we’re not told that even organic skincare products have synthetic chemical ingredients and are formulated with the purpose of drying, or hydrating, rather than balancing and respecting our skin. 

We’re also not told that textiles we use every day - our sheets and towels, or the clothing we wrap our babies in, are heavy with the impact of toxic pesticide saturation. Sprayed an average of 30 times during the growing process and several more during production. We’re not told that this is the material we’re wrapping ourselves and our family in, or that in buying these, we’re supporting a cycle of environmental and social devastation. The air, water and soil that is contaminated with the chemicals you can’t see; that are absorbed by humans and animals. All this, in an industry driven by slave labour and wasting obscene amounts of fresh water in wasteful production practices.

That’s why we started Wholly Grail. You may have sensitive skin or perhaps you’re focused on improving your health by living a natural, chemical free lifestyle. You could be as passionate as we are about doing what we can to build a fairer, more balanced and healthier world. Maybe all of these things are important to you. If they are, then we’re so excited to have you here. You’re our people, and we’d like to be your brand. 


 Authenticity is everything. Our SOURCE principles guide everything we do. They’re our north star and our commitment to you, and ourselves. We offer you the Wholly Grail Store - skin care, sheets, towels and baby wear essentials you can get excited about, that are designed for you and that you can connect with.

By the way, that's a picture of me - Danielle, founder of Whollygrail. I'm the first to admit I rarely look like this, but clearly it's possible!



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