You already know this... everything is connected. Everything we do impacts ourselves, others and our environment. 

We all get to decide whether those choices create a positive impact. Big businesses and industries don’t make that easy, because their focus is, well, it's on themselves.

It's time. When we make choices that respect people and planet, we become part of the wave of positive change that balances our world - equality, healthy ecosystems, thriving communities - we all rise.

Have you heard of the ikigai concept?

We have more than 30 years of experience in health and nutrition - offering practical solutions to the consequences of western lifestyles.

We also have more than 20 years experience behind the closed doors of production and manufacturing. We're committed to doing things differently. 

Our passion is to see healthier, happier people in a healthier, happier world.

The sweet spot in all of this is Whollygrail.

A focused and committed approach that respects people and planet at every stage, from seed to shelf, with consideration for our health and the impact we create following use of our products. For example, the Whollygrail of towels are towels that are produced to our highest quality standard, GOTS accredited and respecting people across every stage in that life cycle.

We’re an open book and committed to sharing our knowledge because the more we all know and share, the better we can all do, for ourselves and each other - we’re all in this together.

That’s us, in a nutshell. we’re little, with big ideas and we’d love to have you on board with us.

By the way, that's a picture of me - Danielle, founder of Whollygrail. I'm the first to admit I rarely look like this, but clearly it's possible!


We'd love for you to join our community. We share with our email community, (subscribe at the bottom of our front page) and on our socials (links below).  We appreciate your involvement, your thoughts and feedback and encourage you to get in touch however it best suits you. We have systems, but you won't find the computer generated approach we find frustrating with some businesses. We're all people, and you matter to us.