Transparency and honesty is everything. We share with our community in order to help our customers make the best choices for themselves and the environment.Choosing the right packaging for a product requires a lot of consideration if you're a truly sustainable business. We evaluate product integrity, the impact in transport, in use and post use, as well as accessibility and the impact to produce the packaging to begin with. It's our commitment and responsibility.

After thorough research, we decided the best material to hold our natural products was recyclable PET plastic. Hold on, we know what you’re thinking… How can we care so much about sustainability only to use plastic packaging? Let us explain…

PET packaging is BPA free and provides an impervious barrier between the jar and the goodness inside. This is unlike other packaging options where chemicals from the flexible plastic packaging or plastic lining on metals can leach into the products and taint their pure ingredients. 

Don’t get us wrong, we are definitely not supporting single-use plastic! After our containers have lived out their (8-10X longer than usual) lives holding our natural concentrates, they can be utilised for so many other uses. When recycled, these containers are unlike many other recycle materials, as 100% of the material is reprocessed into a food safe and sterile form. 

What about glass?

Glass suits some products as a packaging material - we assess each product individually, looking at the entire process, ingredients, how the product will be used, safety and it’s lifespan - it’s a holistic approach. We also keep in mind that glass is heavy! During freight, a truckload could contain twice the amount of PET packaging because they are lighter and less fragile. Fitting more products into a single load means less trips and less transport emissions. Glass can also easily break - when it’s used in slippery bathrooms and being disposed of.

It's also super important to note that we have no established glass recycling in Australia. Until we have an established recycling system for glass, we’ll keep campaigning for our government to establish the national waste management system we desperately need to eliminate the need for plastic.

What about packaging made from recovered waste or plant materials? 

We keep a close eye on new developments. Lots of ideas and new prototypes are being created and with all this creativity, we’re sure that one day soon, there will be a breakthrough in a truly sustainable packaging alternative. One that doesn’t use a lot of binding and forming chemicals or toxic processing to produce, that respects the ingredients inside and breaks down easily, when it’s supposed to :)

What about the baby clothes and towels?

All of our products made from GOTS certified organic cotton come from sustainably certified manufacturers in India, meaning the impact of their production is taken into account from the planting of cotton seeds to the delivery to your doorstep. When shipped from India these products are placed in a recyclable bag and remain in this bag on their journey during overseas, to us and finally to you. This use of a single biodegradable/recyclable bag substantially limits the amount of packaging used, minimises waste and stays true to our ethos of respecting the planet. We're focused on simple, effective solutions without greenwashing.