100% Australian owned and partnering with other small Australian businesses aligned with our philosophy.


Natural materials with gentle, small batch processing to retain product integrity. Nothing harmful, ever. Free from waste.


Fair and safe working practices from farming, production and beyond. Empowering employment and community.


People and planet sustainable at every stage. Third party audited and accredited with global standards.


natural materials

Inviting you to fill your home with the warmth of premium, natural materials produced with love and care by small Australian businesses with a sustainable and ethical approach.

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stack of charcoal towels in 7 piece set on a raw edge wooden stool with a pale background
Image of stone sheet set on a bed with pillows propped up against the wooden headboard, eucalyptus leaves in a small glass vase and books on the bedside table. There's beige china cups and bowls on a wooden tray . The top sheet is turned back invitingly.

our promise


True sustainability is social and environmental. Carbon neutral, free from synthetic materials, minimised resource use (70% less water in textiles) minimal waste and living wages across our entire supply chain - farming, raw material selection, production techniques and delivery. It sounds exhausting but it's worth it! Independently accredited with global standards; GOTS, FSC, OEKO-TEX. Read the stories when you're browsing in the Wholly Grail Store.

Wholly Grail Store

zero waste

live lighter

Beautiful home lifestyles with Wholly Grail lighten your load too. Carbon neutral shipping and compostable packaging isn't where it ends. We produce beautiful home lifestyle products that last a lifetime, or longer. When you are truly finished with them - after sharing, repurposing, upcycling and renewing, our products can be easily composted as nutrients for the earth that they came from. No waste to see here.

Image of blue green mandala towel with white tassels draped over a crocheted park swing attached to a large old winding tree, with bush in the distance and the glow of a setting sun.
image of white towels stacked in foreground with texture of cotton visible, sitting on a wooden bathroom bench surface with a hanging white towel in mid distance and sage green door in further background


sharing the love

We've achieved our goal of sustainable and ethical lifecycles for our products, but we're looking for extra.

We're searching for just the right project to support by donating 1% of your orders in the Wholly Grail store.

To date, we've supported the important work of Sister2Sister, a mentoring program for at risk young women in NSW and this year, we've focused on support for flood victims in the Northern Rivers.