Up to 90% of environmental damage and social impact occurs across the stages before a product even arrives to the consumer.

We already decide how we use and then dispose of a product at the end of its life, influencing how much impact it has on our environment. Imagine what we can achieve as consumers when we choose products that have been produced sustainably throughout the supply chain, from design through farming, production and transport. Massive. World changing. 

Cotton can be 'dirty'. Large, mono crops with heavy pesticide and obscene water use, OR, it can be sustainable. Our GOTS certified organic and fair trade cotton is the gold standard in supply chain sustainability for both people and the environment.

  • Non GMO seeds at planting,

  • Organic farming with efficient resource use. 70% less water used across production, equating to a saving of 14,000 litres of water across the production of a sheet or towel set,

  • Safe, non azo dyes,

  • Closed loop process to manage waste and remove impact to air, soil and water systems.

  • Living wages and benefits for all workers throughout the supply chain.

 Producing this way means our natural, organic and sustainable fibres are:

  • Free from hazardous chemicals on your skin,

  • Safe fibres when washed unlike microfibres from synthetic materials and those using pesticides,

  • Completely compostable.

Our skincare is managed in a similar way.

  • Whole, truly natural ingredients sourced locally and sustainably, 

  • Organic farming and production practices without synthetic ingredients

  • Local, small scale Australian family businesses, mostly regional production with local employment,

  • Low impact production techniques to respect ingredient integrity and improve performance,

  • Formulations free from added water and fillers found in most skincare formulations.

  • Less resource use, premium quality products without synthetic ingredients required in water based formulations.

 Producing this way creates:

  • Products that are designed to work with your skin, to nourish and balance, for better skin, naturally.

  • Safety and respect for our environment when produced as well as when used and washed away.

 Our production processes are inspected and audited annually, with all GOTS certified supply chains being third party audited to maintain accreditation.