5 Hot Tips you can use to reduce single use plastic right now.

The war on waste is here to stay. It’s real and we need to act now. Check out our 5 hot tips to reducing your single use plastic footprint for little changes that make a big difference.

  •   Say no to straws and plastic cutlery

Images of straws lodged in sea animals is enough to turn you off and who needs them anyway? Carry a lightweight portable green alternative to plastic cutlery like stainless steel or bamboo.


  • Travel with a stainless steel or toughened glass water bottle

Most bottled water is comparable to tap water in composition, with the added complication of phthalates in plastic being exposed to the water, particularly through temperature changes. Pthalates along with other chemicals are known to be hormone disrupting chemicals, affecting reproductive growth. Investing in a quality water bottle will pay off quickly when you’re not adding the cost of plastic water to your budget, and if you are filling it with filtered water your health will thank you too.

Our Klean Kanteen stainless steel bottles are food grade and manufactured without a seal, and use a silicone and bamboo lid – no plastic coating.


  • Enjoy your coffee or tea in

We’ve every reason to take just a few minutes to enjoy a beverage of choice, breathe and reset before our next task. Better for you and better for the planet.


  • Don’t buy balloons

Those balloon bits end up polluting our land and waterways, and the plastic is pretty nasty for us too. No need to be a party pooper, there’s plenty of alternatives to celebrate special occasions and have fun.


  • Carry your reusable bags with you

Empty they fold into a neat package and it’s easy to stow away a pile for bigger shopping expeditions in the car. Once you’re in the habit, it’s easy. The GOTS  certified organic and fairtrade calico tote from Whollygrail is the ultimate in carrying a lighter load – better for people, for communities and better for the environment.


Little changes make a big difference.