How to keep safe without sacrificing your health.

The media has sold us the idea that hand sanitisers are the first line of defence against the CoVid virus. We’ve seen sanitiser flying off shelves, being listed for sale with ridiculous prices and my teenagers who work in essential services expected to reapply every 15 minutes and after every customer.


Sanitiser doesn’t kill viruses, it kills bacteria.


Sanitisers are predominantly alcohol. If the alcohol is strong enough, it will sterilise the area cleaned. This includes stripping your skin of beneficial bacteria living on the surface of your skin, obliterating our skin biome. Which is when you see dry, cracked, rashy and sore hands.


The components of sanitisers are also absorbed into your skin. This means those toxins are circulating through our body, disrupting other systems like our hormones, nervous system and organs.


Check out the ingredients on this product promoted as being a ‘natural’ hand cleaner. Other than sodium chloride (salt) and tea tree leaf oil, which are both not major components, there are 21 other ingredients that contribute to the body's toxic load. Imagine buying and using that, thinking you were keeping yourself and your family safe, when in fact you were jamming their bodies with chemicals that are hard to remove.


There is absolutely no need to sacrifice your health for fear of catching a virus.

Soap and water is the most effective way to clean your hands and other skin areas. Using a soap with ingredients that both cleanse and nourish your skin to keep you healthy just makes sense.

That’s honest skincare.


For skincare that does the job AND respects your health (as well as respecting people and planet), check out these soaps and scrubs...

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