Stinging Nettle is a gift to health

Stinging nettle is a pretty looking plant packing quite a punch with it’s sting.

But, underneath all that prickly business, nettle is a powerhouse of nutrients, and offers many health benefits with simple preparation.

It’s a brilliant source of potassium, and has a great combination of calcium, magnesium, vitamin A and B6. Particularly effective as a digestive support, for detoxification, respiratory and immune support, lymphatic flow, and an effective anti inflammatory agent.

Arthritis sufferers claim marked improvement in pain and reduction of inflammation over several days following direct contact with stinging nettle on arthritic joints.

And, it tastes good.

Stinging nettle can be made into tea by steeping in hot water, and then enjoyed hot or cold. It has a vibrant green colour, and is a great way to enjoy the many health benefits of nettle.

Steamed as a side dish of greens, or steamed and served as an accompaniment to pasta, it’s particularly delicious. add a dash of olive oil, and some pepper just before serving.

The nutrients in stinging nettle are particularly nourishing to the skin. For both problem and sensitive skin, and as a nourishing hair conditioner, nettle leaves hair feeling soft and healthy.

Nettle is easy to grow in moist and nutrient rich soil. If growing from seed, the sweeter tasting plants come the second year in. Established plants are sweet, and plentiful through spring, where it has a short growing season and dies off in the autumn/winter months before coming again in spring.

Great tasting right now!