The essence of community, in a garden.

Community gardens are such a treasure. The ones I’ve come across so far have been nestled into built up suburbia; an inviting island amongst a concrete and asphalt landscape.

The vision and beckoning is one thing. The economies and stewardship over the foods they produce is another. These are viable community services that feed their members with produce that has been produced with respect for the environment and food quality. Typically using organic or permaculture principles, the bounty is well earned and much appreciated. Here are some examples of the harvest at Turramurra Community Garden recently.

 All that said, it’s the essence of community that gives me the feels. Walking over to morning tea time, I was warmly welcomed and engaged by a beautiful group of people. This particular garden has been set up with the option of both a general membership and member plots for specific planting requirements where available. The members are grouped into teams, with a balance of experience, and an encouraging approach to new members wanting to learn about gardening and permaculture. What a beautiful way to enjoy your food, to learn to grow and garden in a supportive environment, and to meet some new friends.

There is a kids nursery for the early adopters, complete with their own scarecrow and insect hotel. Nearby schools come and visit for science and biology classes, and for school projects.

Despite the manic, fast paced world of life in a busy city, these people still have time to talk with each other, time to create and time to nourish.