Why not composting is costing you and the environment.

Do you compost? Is it just the done thing at your house, or something you haven’t thought too much about?

Composting saves you money, helps with garden envy and helps to save the environment.

Is that called a hat trick? so many reasons to compost…

Composting is the simplest way of using leftover food scraps that would otherwise be put into the bin. A typical compost system uses your food scraps, garden waste and paper and cardboard waste to create a rich, nutrient dense preparation for your garden.


The bokashi bucket is a great way to compost without having a full compost area outdoors; ideal for smaller families and people living in units and apartments. You just pop your food scraps in the bucket with the dried bokashi preparation that manages the smell of composting food scraps and encourages the process of breaking down foods to a nutrient rich juice that can be added to your garden for a healthier soil and enriched plant life.

There are also simple cylinder systems that have been developed to allow food scraps to be incorporated back into your soil at home.


Using your food scraps means you don’t waste any of your food, and means you don’t need to buy products to enrich the soil and feed your plants for a garden you’ll be proud of.

Along with recycling of food containers, and other household items, this will drastically lighten your load in the bin and on the environment. It also means no more smelly bins, as typically it’s decaying food residue that creates a strong smell around the bin, attracting rodents and cockroaches.

Check with your local council about their policy on food scraps in green bins if you would like to dispose of food waste.


Like to check out an easy how to video?