Deodorant Cream, Total Confidence

If you're looking for a natural deodorant that:
  • you can feel confident is doing it's job to keep you fresh all day

  • reduces your exposure to hormone disrupting chemicals

  • encourages detoxification

  • gives you a generous 100g tub that lasts 3-6 mths


Then our deodorant cream is made for you.


This natural deodorant works because we've formulated with premium ingredients and concentrated for optimum performance. 
Stay fresh with odour absorbing ingredients and gently fragrant, skin loving essential oils. Premium shea butter as our nourishing base gives a smooth texture, without the stickiness. **
Read more about natural deodorants to keep you confident in our journal. 

100g in a tub to give you a safe, nourishing deodorant that will keep you fresh for months. It's a confident step in the right direction to reduce your body's chemical load.
Much smarter than conventional deodorants that last a few weeks, this pot lasts an average of 3-4 months and often, 6 months + !.
Every pot means you’re saving at least 6 bottles or cans from landfill!.

Handcrafted in the Margaret River in small batches, using gentle techniques to retain the integrity of our whole, organic and sustainable ingredients. With a 100% recyclable PET container, this deodorant cream looks after you and the planet. 

Our body is constantly trying to give us signals about our health, we just need to know what to look for. To learn more about what your sweat is trying to tell you along with lots of fascinating health and eco information, check out our journal.

** We consciously chose organic (and ethically sourced) shea butter as our base to provide premium deodorant performance that's hard to find elsewhere and perfect for our skin (rather than coconut oil). As our product is pure, without fillers, it can be dense if your jar is arriving to you in cooler weather. To soften the deodorant, simply stir the pot with a clean knife or spoon to aerate and you're good to go!. 

Shea butter, Bentonite clay, Sodium Bicarbonate, Jojoba oil, Rosehip oil, Orange, Patchouli and Lavender essential oils.

New to using a pot deodorant?
Scrape the product with a clean fingernail to release a small amount and gently massage into the underarm. It's that simple. The warmth of your armpit helps to soften the cream into your skin.
Concentrated in a generous 100g tub this deodorant will last you up to 6 months!

Respecting our planet & people throughout the entire life cycle of our natural products starts at design with our customers in mind, and flows through to production, how our customers will use our products, and post use.

Planet Respect before our products reach you:
We start with sustainable ingredients that are sourced locally where practical and from ethical sources internationally where necessary. Then we use gentle processing methods that retain the integrity of the ingredients, as well as being gentle on the environment - less energy used, free from chemicals and synthetics polluting water and air as with conventional cosmetic manufacture. 

Our commitment to providing concentrated products without using water and all the cheap and nasty chemicals (fillers, preservatives and emulsifiers) that go along with it, means we minimise our footprint even further, and maximise our value to you. This also means there's a lot less packaging that you're using, because you don't need to repurchase every few weeks - this can add up to 6-12 less containers across the life of our product for you.

We select our product packaging to respect the integrity of our products (inert materials and without interfering with product quality), to ensure safety and integrity during transport and when our products are being used, and then consider post use.


Planet respect after our products reach you:

Formulating our natural skincare as concentrates means there's a whole lot of goodness in a single jar or bottle. While it's much better for your health, it's also much better for the planet. There's no toxic, synthetic or chemical ingredients being washed down the sink and into our oceans, and because the products last so much longer, you have one piece of packaging, where others may need to have bought between 6-12 separate products to last the same period of time.

When you have finally finished our product, the packaging can be reused, or recycled. For example, our recycled PET is 100% recyclable - which means nothing is wasted. Even better are our zero waste cleansing and shampoo bars, packed with skin loving goodness that last and last.

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