Rejuvenating Facial Bundle


Looking for a truly natural at home facial as self care for yourself or a pamper gift? 

The pure ingredients in these products work with the skin to nourish and rejuvenate without added water, fillers or chemicals.


This bundle includes:
  • Natural Soft Clay Face Mask

  • Pure Rosewater Hydrating Toner

  • Organic Cotton Face Towel


How we roll...

1. Start by applying our Natural Soft Clay Face Mask
2. Relax for 20 minutes while the skin-loving ingredients get to work
3. Rinse off the mask and dry using our soft Organic Cotton Face Towel
4. Return your skin to its natural pH while hydrating, with our Pure Rosewater Toner.

Love the skin you're in!
Bentonite clay, Water, Australian olive oil, Peru balsam, Lavender, Lime and lemon essential oils.
Many deep facial treatments use synthetic ingredients easily absorbed by the body, with plastic and petroleum based derivatives that add to the body's toxic load. We've been conditioned to respond to the fragrance and focus on the feel - which is important, but in the case of synthetics, the feel is attained through chemical alteration on the skin surface. Natural, whole ingredients respect and nourish the skin.
Pure Rose water from Damask Roses.

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