Jojoba Moisturising Oil, Organic


Whollygrail’s Organic Jojoba Oil is the ultimate natural skin moisturiser.

It's pure and safe from synthetic chemicals, – just as nature intended. This pure organic oil provides superior absorbency for your skin and a seal of protection from the external elements in our air and water. 

Certified Organic Jojoba is the most natural way to moisturise the body. Given its natural composition, it's efficient, highly bio-available and easily absorbed.

Ideal to moisturise the face and as a massage oil for the body. Light, gentle, pure  and odourless, makes it perfect for baby. 

The dropper makes it easy to measure out the amount you want to moisturise.

To read more about the benefits of natural face and body products without added water or the fillers, emulsifiers, preservatives and synthetics that come along with this method of formulating, check out the articles in our Whollygrail journal,  like the Real Truth Behind Cream Based Moisturisers. 

With a profile similar to skin sebum, Jojoba oil is an ideal moisturiser that readily absorbs without residue.

Apply over the face following our Hydrating Rose Water Toner or massage into body for soft and naturally hydrated skin.

This versatile oil can even be used in the hair as a moisturising hair mask.

Respecting people and planet throughout the entire life cycle of our natural products starts at design with our customers in mind, and flows through to production, how our customers will use our products, and post use.

Respecting our customers:

Our natural skincare is designed with premium, skin loving, whole and natural ingredients to cleanse, nourish and balance your skin. We use gentle, small batch techniques that respect our premium ingredients, without any of the synthetic and chemical ingredients of commercially made skincare. We produce in concentrated pastes and pure oils, so there's no need for nasty preservatives, emulsifiers, fillers, or water - which you can add yourself to your preference - and they last longer!

Respecting our producers:

Our producers are all small, family owned businesses with strong knowledge & history of producing natural skincare with premium ingredients. We share similar values and partner together to provide products that meet our SOURCE philosophy and exceed all our expectations. From growing their own ingredients, to carefully sourcing sustainably produced and premium ingredients, there's a sense of responsibility, care and love that infuses everything in our range.

Respecting our planet & people throughout the entire life cycle of our natural products starts at design with our customers in mind, and flows through to production, how our customers will use our products, and post use.

Planet Respect before our products reach you:
We start with sustainable ingredients that are sourced locally where practical and from ethical sources internationally where necessary. Then we use gentle processing methods that retain the integrity of the ingredients, as well as being gentle on the environment - less energy used, free from chemicals and synthetics polluting water and air as with conventional cosmetic manufacture. 

Our commitment to providing concentrated products without using water and all the cheap and nasty chemicals (fillers, preservatives and emulsifiers) that go along with it, means we minimise our footprint even further, and maximise our value to you. This also means there's a lot less packaging that you're using, because you don't need to repurchase every few weeks - this can add up to 6-12 less containers across the life of our product for you.

We select our product packaging to respect the integrity of our products (inert materials and without interfering with product quality), to ensure safety and integrity during transport and when our products are being used, and then consider post use.


Planet respect after our products reach you:

Formulating our natural skincare as concentrates means there's a whole lot of goodness in a single jar or bottle. While it's much better for your health, it's also much better for the planet. There's no toxic, synthetic or chemical ingredients being washed down the sink and into our oceans, and because the products last so much longer, you have one piece of packaging, where others may need to have bought between 6-12 separate products to last the same period of time.

When you have finally finished our product, the packaging can be reused, or recycled. For example, our recycled PET is 100% recyclable - which means nothing is wasted. Even better are our zero waste cleansing and shampoo bars, packed with skin loving goodness that last and last.

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