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Rosewater Hydrating Toner, Pure

Rosewater Hydrating Toner, Pure

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A spritz of our organic Rosewater Toner after washing the face is the pure and refreshing way to tone the skin, bringing it back to its natural pH.

Rose water can help to reduce pore size and can take the heat from any blemishes. It's very concentrated so a little goes a long way! This facial spray offers a luxurious spa-like experience. The rosewater gently nourishes the skin, leaving it feeling soft and renewed, without any residue.

We source our organic, premium quality rosewater from Samaria Farm, a small family owned and rural Australian business focused on producing only the best quality rose water from their Damask roses. 

The process involves harvesting the rose buds by hand at dusk over one month. Steam is used to separate the oil from the rosewater. It is this pure, first pass rosewater that is our Hydrating Toner - nothing else added, no dilutions or further processing like some other products.

This product can also be used for culinary rosewater. If using to cook in the kitchen, we recommend diluting with filtered water as culinary rosewater is a much weaker concentration. A good starting dilution is 1:3.

Pure Rose water from Damask Roses.