Skin Soap Scrub: Cleanse, Exfoliate, Rehydrate

Our Skin Soap Scrub is a must have if you're:
  • into pure and truly natural skincare, without any nasties

  • enjoy an all over skin scrub that leaves your skin feeling clean, fresh and tingly

  • searching for the ideal product to clean your hands and then rehydrate after working in the kitchen, garden or laundry

  • looking for a great reinvigorating foot scrub


Yes, it actually does it all. Incredibly well. Ideally, in fact. It's at home in the bathroom, on a kitchen or laundry bench, and at a few home beauty spas!.


It's the master at:
  • drawing dirt and odour from the skin,

  • removing skin cell debris, opening pores, stimulating nerve cells at the skin's surface and encouraging better flow of blood and lymph,

  • leaving skin cleansed and rehydrated, without the stripped feeling that a lot of commercial products can leave you with. 


This scrub leaves your skin feeling soft and supple, moisturised and lightly fragrant from the gentle aromatherapy oil blend. The cleansing, healing and antibacterial properties of lavender, rosemary and peppermint essential oils remove the dirt and bacteria that you can’t see.

Handcrafted in the Margaret River, in small batches, with love and gentle production techniques to respect the integrity of the whole, organic ingredients. So good.

Coconut oil, Australian olive oil, Water, Sodium hydroxide, Sand, Pumice, Lavender, Rosemary and Peppermint essential oils.

Work a small amount into your skin with or without water before rinsing.

We've formulated as an exfoliating & rehydrating skin scrub. Widely used as an all over body scrub, for deep cleaning & hydrating hands following work in a trade, the kitchen, laundry or studio, and happily used as an invigorating foot scrub. 

Keeping the unused portion free of dirt and debris by fastening lid when not in use will retain product quality.

This scrub was created while we were looking for a product that would give a deep clean and rehydrate, rather than conventional products that strip oils from the skin using synthetic chemical ingredients or masking with fragrances. Synthetics are damaging and easily absorbed into skin and bloodstream, as well as polluting our water system during production and following use.

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