Soft Clay Face Mask, Deep Rejuvenation


Enjoy a truly natural skin treatment that provides nourishing and rejuvenated skin in 20 minutes. The perfect answer for skin in today’s world.

Feel the difference. See the difference.

Handcrafted in the Margaret River, in small batches, with love.

Fuller's Earth, bentonite clay, water, honey , Australian olive oil, Peru Balsam, lavender, lime and lemon essential oils.

The Soft Clay Mask is recommended for use over the face, as a spot or t zone treatment. Apply and allow to work over 15-20 minutes before removal. 

Respecting people and planet throughout the entire life cycle of our natural products starts at design with our customers in mind, and flows through to production, how our customers will use our products, and post use.

Respecting our customers:

Our natural skincare is designed with premium, skin loving, whole and natural ingredients to cleanse, nourish and balance your skin. We use gentle, small batch techniques that respect our premium ingredients, without any of the synthetic and chemical ingredients of commercially made skincare. We produce in concentrated pastes and pure oils, so there's no need for nasty preservatives, emulsifiers, fillers, or water - which you can add yourself to your preference - and they last longer!

Respecting our producers:

Our producers are all small, family owned businesses with strong knowledge & history of producing natural skincare with premium ingredients. We share similar values and partner together to provide products that meet our SOURCE philosophy and exceed all our expectations. From growing their own ingredients, to carefully sourcing sustainably produced and premium ingredients, there's a sense of responsibility, care and love that infuses everything in our range.

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