A Natural Deodorant that Keeps you Confident

Finding the right deodorant that did the job and only used ingredients that were clean and nourishing, without any harsh chemicals, aluminium, preservatives or fragrances was near to impossible when we started looking.

But it was easy to weed them out. Having multiple chemical sensitivities, even someone using a deodorant with toxic ingredients elsewhere in the house, or being nearby with a chemical based deodorant gave my body cause to react.

Since this time, we’ve been fortunate to have been able to help many people with similar concerns. Interestingly, it can take a couple of days for the body to release built up toxins from previous chemical products.

A good product that suits you shouldn’t irritate or burn your skin, and shouldn’t leave any evidence on your clothing. Products that are received well by your body don’t leave yellow or white stains, and won’t change the feel of the fabric on your clothing either – no crusty, hard armpit areas that are uncomfortable to wear.

Whollygrail’s Deodorant Cream uses a blend of natural essential oils, Australian clay, bicarbonate of soda and shea butter to keep you healthy, confident and everyone, happy.

It’s worthwhile considering the other personal care products you are using as well. Our skin absorbs the products we expose it to, so soaps and cleansers using whole, natural and few ingredients support our body best.

Check out our range of beauty care made with whole, food grade ingredients, and no nasties, to really understand the difference of food for your skin.