The real secrets global cosmetics companies keep.

Cosmetics companies have been claiming they have the antidote to ageing skin for years with claims like;

Reverse the signs of ageing

Age defying

Bring back a more youthful, younger looking skin

Anti wrinkle

Is any of it really possible?

Well, the passage of time proves to us that anything’s possible, however there are some important things you need to know when it comes to creams, serums, and other cosmetic creations.

Cosmetics companies strive to find that elusive, special ingredient that will give them an edge and make a difference to their customers – but not too much, because they want you coming back for more.

The dirty little secret they don’t tell you, is that many of the ingredients in their formulations are carcinogenic, toxic and/or strip the skin of its natural bacteria necessary for good health.

Many years ago, the father of one of my son’s friends was chatting with me at a party, sick of his job and feeling like he had strayed from a path of meaning – sadly, not so unusual…

Turns out he was a formulating chemist for a large cosmetics multinational. How exciting! I said, being responsible for the next latest and greatest product to hit the shelves, with expensive marketing campaigns to spread the word, the attention of friends and family all vying for an advance pot of miracle cream, and a pat on the back from the boss – what’s not to love?

Many of the base ingredients you typically find in cosmetic formulations had been proven to cause cancer.

Many of the ingredients used in cosmetic formulations were toxic by-products of petroleum production.

Many ingredients used in cosmetic formulations were artificial, synthetically derived and accumulate in the body once absorbed.

And, this was identified for ingredients in isolation – not accounting for the synergistic cocktail effect when they are all mixed in together and filled in a pretty bottle or tube.

He knew about it, and they knew about it? Absolutely. In fact, there would be a general consensus that the studies showing the toxic nature of their product ingredients weren’t so bad when you took into account that there were many other things to get sick or die from. (!!!).

So, this was incredible. Businesses knowingly producing consumer goods that contained ingredients that were toxic to humans – not even taking into account the type of supertoxin created when the chemicals were combined together in a final formulation!

Needless to say, he was quite depressed because he felt he had no choice – he had a mortgage to pay and children to feed. I saw his smile and light come into his face with the flickering hope that when he had saved some money, he would resign and change careers – just biding time.

Be sure of the safety of cosmetics that you allow near your skin by;

Making them yourself – clean, food grade ingredients are readily available and so easy to make, I love the practical clean, beauty recipes from wellnessmama, and you can find a growing library of recipes in the Whollygrail library.

Buying products that you know have only safe and chemical free ingredients, and that have a reason for being included – the simpler the better, clean ingredient listings only contain a few functional ingredients that are food grade, are words you can pronounce, and that most people can easily describe without researching. You should be able to eat the products you use. At Whollygrail, we are so proud to offer a beautiful range of chemical free cosmetics especially for you.

Choosing not to buy or use cosmetics with chemicals in them. It’s your health, your family’s health. And, it’s the most powerful message you can send industry – if you don’t buy the expensive marketing campaigns, the long, indecipherable (or hidden) ingredient listings, and highly paid, beautiful models in the ads, they will soon listen.

And, when you are empowered to make the choices that better serve yourselves and subsequently reduce the chemical burden on our environment, you vote for a better you, and a better world for all of us