Australia Day reflections on people and planet.

Australia Day is right around the corner, and while we all enjoy a day off, some of us will be celebrating more than others.


I'm always pretty skeptical about government funded promotions and projects; let's face it, governments in general don't have a great track record of putting people and planet first. The official Australia Day campaign promoted by National Australia Day Council and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Project caught my attention.


Reflect. Respect. Celebrate. Acknowledge our history, respect our diversity and connection, celebrate our present and our potential.


Division serves no one. We are all connected and supporting each other is where we all rise and where our strength lies.


Community is everything. When I hear 'we're all in this together' I'm thinking of the inclusive, cohesive and respectful future we have the ability to create.


Changing the date of Australia Day will help all Australians celebrate the country and community we live in, and the future we have - why wouldn't we jump at the chance for that? 

Creating an environment where we are all treated equally allows everybody to shine. For example, the rich knowledge our indigenous community have to share and lead management of our environment, without bias or hidden agenda, for pure consideration of the country and all its people.


Would love to hear your thoughts.