Natural remedies for digestive balance

A happy and healthy digestive system is absolutely essential to looking better and feeling great.


There are so many triggers for constipation and with modern lifestyles, the odds are it will happen from time to time. Chronic constipation is a different blog post; this article is for your occasional constipation and all the natural remedies you can try to rebalance your body without pharmaceutical products.


The main reason to try natural remedies is to get your body working optimally again. Pharmaceutical products use often synthetic ingredients to force an outcome. Doing this can result in a lazy bowel, or disrupt other processes in the body. Ideally, natural remedies guide your body where it needs to be to keep doing it on its own, a much more sustainable and healthy lifestyle.


Key to this is not leaving it too long to treat. While there's a wide variety of 'normal' for digestion, you'll know what's 'normal' and right for you. You'll likely realise when you start to feel a little off, headaches, bloating, discomfort and the obvious bathroom absenteeism!.


Ok, here are some great natural remedies to getting everything 'moving':


  • try just eating vegetables and particularly green leafy veggies. Nothing else. It won't take long for your body to get the message.
  • try eating fruits, particularly stone fruits, berries, fruits with high cellulose fibre and acidic fruits - citrus, grapefruit, rather than focusing on sweeter quickly metabolised fruits like grapes and watermelon.
  • slippery elm in a drink or food.
  • chia seeds, flax meal in foods, smoothies or just diluted in water.
  • herbal teas or natural broth. 
  • physically massaging your torso from the top (underneath your ribs) to the groin, and in circular movements around your stomach. 
  • activated charcoal in a fruit smoothie - no dairy.
  • heat compresses on the lower abdomen. 


Hope you've found this helpful. If you have found any natural remedies successful for constipation we'd love to hear about it and share with others. Drop us a line at or check in on our FB and insta pages.


Diet and lifestyle strategies to keep your body operating optimally and minimise the discomfort of constipation is another blog post. Head back to the blog for more on this.