Better health with aloe vera.

The many benefits of aloe vera were recognised from Ancient times. To this day, cosmetic preparations, some personal care products and foods contain aloe vera for it’s healing properties.

But at less than 1% concentration, as an extract and with all the other ingredients in some aloe vera preparations – how effective can it be?

The answer is, not very. As with most processed products, marketing drives the type of product and the business minimises the cost, making it less than effective.

You really are best to use aloe vera fresh, from the whole plant – squeezing the juice or flesh from the plant tendrils. The longer the aloe vera is exposed to the air, the less active it is.

Use fresh aloe vera for the nutritious flesh and juice on your hair and scalp, on your skin and consume as a soothing tonic for your stomach.

It’s one of those beautiful ingredients that can be used for benefit in a variety of ways, without interfering with it.

You can even mix aloe vera into your drinks, smoothies and meals.

It’s incredibly effective at wound healing. Simple cuts, burns or abrasions can be soothed and healing promoted with the topical use of fresh aloe vera. A great inclusion in the garden that is easy to grow and include in your natural first aid kit.