Deodorants without the hormone and immune disruption

We had a friend who managed a business producing aerosol cans. I remember some years ago he was sure his employment was in doubt as news was published about the serious affects of aerosols on the environment, and the impact on air quality.

Spray and roll on deodorants both typically contain some really nasty ingredients. This includes well established brands that have been producing deodorants and anti perspirants for years. The industry self regulates, and that means you need to know what’s going on your body…

And in your body…. through the skin (and respiratory system) of your arm pit (and often breast area). From the arm pit, the deodorant is absorbed directly into the lymph system – our immunity transport network. Any toxins and chemicals placed in your armpit basically have a first class ticket throughout your body, where aluminium can settle and accumulate to impair cognitive abilities, and later develop as diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. VOC gases can accumulate for hormone disruption, and fragrances can cause a variety of impacts, depending on their composition – which we wouldn’t know, as they’re not disclosed to us.

So, whilst these products are bought and used, they will continue to be manufactured and available.

Choose a deodorant that’s safe and effective for your family, for their health. Whole, clean and natural ingredients, suitable for use as food – and that’s really what it is, food for your skin. Check out our natural deodorant cream with detoxifying bentonite clay, and find out what our deo cream converts are raving about.

 Whollygrail’s beauty care range focuses on food for the skin. Whole food grade ingredients, treated simply. Formulated to nourish, cleanse and detoxify, without any of the nasties in conventional beauty care. We partner with small, family owned Australian businesses for responsibility and quality care in production. We love what we do, and why we do it!