Exercise body, stretch mind and engage spirit for balance

The old adage “move it or lose it’ is true of our body, our mind and our spirit.

So, far be it for us to blindly agree with an age old saying – experts the world over, from health practitioners, scientists, anthropologists, researchers, mental health experts, to spiritual leaders, motivational moguls, and well, quite frankly, your mum and dad, (and we all know that they know best!) have all proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the body, the mind and the spirit are all designed to, nay they yearn, movement.

But what movement is right for you?

Leisurely walks with the dog or training with your mates to go on a hiking trek?

A team sport like footy, tennis or netball in a local competition, or is it a trip to the park with the family that is your regular routine?

Research shows most benefit in a broad range of different activities to support muscle strength, aerobic capacity and endurance. Task oriented exercise like gardening and some vigorous cleaning activities are less conscious exercise, but can be very effective.

Physical activity helps to maintain a healthy body, and it supports a healthy mind and spirit. Our brain chemicals rebalance with regular exercise and rest – and everything just feels better.

Broadening our mind with ideas that are new to us, learning a new skill, playing music or reading a new publication are all good ways to broaden our mind and stretch that important muscle.

Our spirit is engaged in so many ways. Being in nature, meditation, playing music and acts of kindness and love engage our spirit.

These all sound like a great way to live a life, don’t they?