Home remedies for Covid that helped our family.

Well, now we're all brimming with natural antibodies, I'd like to share the natural remedies that helped our family through Covid in the hope it might help your family. 

It's not something you want to focus on, but when you need, it's handy to have the supports on hand.

A few thoughts worth sharing first.

  • It is easily transmitted. Household/close contacts are highly likely to pick up unless you have the ability to isolate in your home.
  • While the illness is the same, I noticed some aspects bothered some of my home patients more than others.
  • Four of us recovered within a week. One in 2 days, two in 3 days and one didn't have any active symptoms after a couple of days, but was lacking energy for the rest of the week (this also happened to be the one person in our family that took ivermectin). All isolated for a week from onset of symptoms. Symptoms were most significant at the beginning, and for the first couple of days.


We sourced ivermectin and hydroxychloroquin in case we had anyone with an adverse reaction - only one of us dosed with ivermectin (as well as the supports outlined below) and their symptoms disappeared the day after, although low energy persisted over a week.


It should be readily available, but that's another discussion.


In our natural toolbox,


  • Zinc. We used a high quality zinc supplement. 75-90mg each day. Many people are low in zinc anyway, but the covid virus attacks body processes needing zinc. All recovered without impact to taste or smell.


  • Vitamin C. We were happy to pay the crazy prices for beautiful spray free, local fruit and only cut up when our patients were ready to eat (vitamin C levels drop dramatically when cut/juiced so best eaten straight away. Oranges, berries, kiwi fruit - all the good things that are in season at the moment.  


  • Magnesium. Sore muscles are a feature everyone experienced. Epsom salt baths in room temperature water were a welcome relief everyone appreciated. It's much easier absorption for your body across the skin, and lukewarm water helps to regulate any temperature fluctuations. Soothing essential oils if preferred. Up to 2 cups epsom salts per bath.


  • Vitamin B's. A couple of our family preferred this in vegemite on toast. The non vegemite people had B3, B6 and active B12. Folinic acid/methylfolate or active B9 is already in our routine, and keeping this up is important.


  • Rest and hydrate. Water (filtered) as much as possible. Pillows to cushion all the sore spots. Distraction with Netflix where necessary. One of our four used paracetamol on 3 occasions to take the edge off the headache - prefer if they can manage the fever themselves as it's part of the immune response, but everybody's different and we did have one who wasn't keen to do it on his own.


Hoping you will find this useful and helpful for your family. :)