3 Steps to a Detox Mindset.

Detoxing effectively can change your life. Before you jump in to a detox, here's what you need to know.


Have a goal.

Decide what you want to achieve from the detox. a 3 day juice cleanse or fast won't change your life, but it may be enough to reset your digestive system. Are you wanting to focus on digestion? Immunity? Have you considered your lifestyle and how that impacts your health?

Healing at a deeper level requires a more thorough protocol. 


Be realistic.

While there are great detox supports available, there's no miracle cure and, a detox can only do so much. It's a bit like emptying a cup. The cup fills up again quickly with consistent exposure to toxins. Reducing your exposure to synthetic chemicals and toxins is easy with a few lifestyle improvements. Check out our range of Whollygrail skincare, sheets, towels and baby wear in the Whollygrail Store.


Empower yourself.

The more you know, the more aware you can be about what suits your body best. Detox is a journey rather than any 3 day program - or will be if you are looking for lasting results. There are many different types of detox protocols, and some will be more effective than others, for your body. In fact, looking into a variety of different types of detox is likely to yield better results for yourself. Always listen to your body, and consult your health practitioner for specialised advice. To read more about how you can create a healthier home with less toxins, have a browse through the articles in our Journal. 


As a nutritionist, when a client is prepared with the mindset above, it makes the world of difference for their health.