How to avoid a sluggish winter

Do you like the idea of enjoying winter but find yourself feeling sluggish and tired?

Feeling sluggish and tired are common symptoms for a variety of underlying issues, but a good starting point would be hydration.

It’s easy to become dehydrated in winter, with reduced awareness of fluid intake from less frequent physical activity.

Another common mistake is overheating with synthetic blankets and doonas that trap in body heat with little opportunity for air exchange as with natural fibres.

If you’re finding yourself feeling tired and sluggish this winter….


Keep a check on your water intake

by drinking from a portable water bottle, jug or filter so you can measure your water intake over the day. Start the morning with a glass of warm filtered water which is a simple routine used in Ayurveda to stimulate the lymph system and improve absorption. A pinch of salt can improve absorption, and a teaspoon of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar will improve digestion. Other than that, any other type of beverage doesn’t equal the hydration capacity of water. Sugars, proteins and other components in drinks require digestion to absorb, losing water through the process and delaying reduced water content. Water, and filtered, is best.


Look after your skin

by removing dead skin cells and stimulating skin surface with a dry brushing routine before your shower, and seal in moisture with a light organic oil like Whollygrail’s Organic Jojoba oil.

Use breathable clothing and bed covers

It’s much healthier for your body. Natural fibres without chemicals are breathable and allow air exchange, reducing the possibility of dehydration, as well as reducing exposure to harmful chemicals.

They’re great daily habits to be in, winter and all year around :). If you’re finding your tired sluggish symptoms persist, it’s time to investigate further.

Any other tips to keep well hydrated? Share with us below to keep our community well watered.