Innovative food supply is blue skies for farmers and better food

I do love a good plan coming together.

For far too long, farmers have been hampered by low farm gate prices driven by supermarkets and big business. The interest was heavily in favour of the vehicle to market, and farmers were encouraged to industrialise their production, reducing costs and often quality, with chemicals used as a tool to manage scale.

Clever operators are innovating to rebalance the scales, with small scale, family owned farming businesses and the community coming out on top. By connecting the paddock to the plate, collaborations like Suburban Paddock are bringing certainty to farmers, and much appreciated, quality produce to the consumer.

The popularity of local farmer’s markets has blossomed over recent years, and offers the suburban community the opportunity to select farm fresh produce, while understanding where their produce is coming from and how it is produced. It’s a shopping experience unlike the supermarket, and has been a godsend for producers and consumers alike. But, for those unable to meet the market times, there are increasingly available options like CSA (community supported agriculture) and innovators like Suburban Paddock to make sure everyone has the same opportunities.

From little things, big things grow.