Natural Detox supports for better healing and improved immunity.

Creating a healthy lifestyle brings a lot of joy, peace and happiness. You feel and look better, with more energy, you're more in touch with yourself, better able to handle your workload, and do the things you want to do. 

Then you take a hit. The weeds they were spraying at the park you were at, the petrol fumes from the service station, a meal you bought and thought would be ok, the perfume your friend thoughtfully bought you for your birthday, or in my case recently, the air freshener that was in a car I was in for a couple of hours.


Symptoms can be wide and far reaching - depending on your sensitivities and what the assault on your body has been:


itchy, red, swollen, sore or watery eyes, nose, mouth, ears

rash, redness, heat

headache, heavy, pounding or 'cloudy' head, difficulty thinking

bloating, sore tummy, gas, nausea, reflux

coughing, breathing changes, throat pain, sinus congestion, hay fever symptoms


The symptoms are all unwelcome, but will typically ease as your body tries to flush the toxins out, IF the triggers are removed and you don't have any more exposure. 

What can you do to help minimise the damage, help your body's detoxification systems process and remove, and then recover?


The best support for your body is your general health and a strong immune system, and avoiding any major blows to it. When you are exposed and experiencing symptoms; you can find some relief and help support the detox for your body with:



Flushing with filtered water

Bamboo charcoal (particularly food related assaults)

Zeolite (range of chemical assaults)

Diatomaceous Earth (parasitic assaults and chemicals) 

Digestive enzymes (appropriate for the food assault)

Saline/salt water (helps with symptoms and osmotic balance)

Steam therapy (to help draw toxins)

Detox baths and foot soaks (to draw toxins)


And of course, rest, and self care to allow the body to focus on detoxing.

This is much easier for your body to manage when it has a low load or limited exposure. Keeping your diet natural and free of synthetic chemicals, as well as the products you use on your body and in your home is essential to living your best life. This is our specialty, and you'll find all the goodness like natural skincare essentials, bed and bath and baby, in the Whollygrail Store. 


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