The simple way to find products that work with your skin.

There are SO many face and skin products, systems, serums, it's overwhelming and nearly impossible to decipher the right product for your skin. They're all 'nourishing' and with a 'new formula'. It's like they're all shouting at you at once.


Having seen behind the brands and behind the labels into how products are formulated, we can share with you a little about the differences and hopefully help you on your journey to figure out what's best for you.


Firstly, if you have a routine that's working for you and you're happy with the results - brilliant! You're a step ahead of most of us, trying to fit our skin to a product, rather than a product fitting our skin.

For the rest of us, read on...


Commercially made products can also be made by smaller businesses and are always made by large company brands. They follow the rules of man made science. Ingredients will be varied, some natural, synthetic and fractionated to achieve scientifically precise viscosity (thickness), marketing (trademarked ingredients), maximise shelf life (preservatives) and minimise cost (fillers, emulsifiers, fractionated ingredients). The science of the formulation takes an almost mechanical approach. Cleansing is a process of stripping the skin and then moisturising involves coating the skin with a smooth precise layer, often fragrant. This sets the body up to be ready to go through the process again the following day, keeping the system going and keeping sales coming in.


Naturally made products are small scale and always from smaller brands because they need a different approach. They're made with naturally occurring ingredients and simple processing methods that retain integrity and functionality. They use the natural laws of science, rather than the man made, synthetic sciences. They're more expensive to make but not necessarily more expensive to buy, because they don't optimise the commercial aspect. These are products that are designed to work with your skin, not in spite of it. That means you can use them through a hormonal stage, if you're oily or dry and in different environments. By working with your body, you don't necessarily need them every day. You can have a regular routine but you can also feel when your body needs it. 


Finding commercially made products isn't hard - they make up most of what's on offer. But if you're looking for something that works with your skin, how can you identify naturally made products? They don't have a special name or code, how can you be sure?


*Whole, naturally occurring ingredients, easily identifiable and often foods.
*No numbers, capital letters or trademarked ingredients on the listing.
*No explanations required, like 'derived from'.
*There's typically a handful of ingredients at the most.
*Learn more about the business supplying and how they are made.


Sharing our knowledge with people so they can make better choices is a big focus for us. If you are looking for naturally made products like we've described, you'll find these in our store, handcrafted by small scale, family owned Australian producers. 

And, if you have a product that you like using, but are unsure of the natural/safe and non toxic nature of the product you're using, let us know. Post it and tag us, we'd love to detail a review of the product for you.