Natural Headache Relief

Some suffer more frequently than others, but most of us have had a headache descend at some stage or another. When they come, it’s handy to have some natural headache relief up your sleeve to alleviate the pain.

The best remedy to alleviate the pain of your headache largely depends on its cause – getting to the root of the problem.

Common causes and best remedies for natural headache relief:


Upping your water intake is a no brainer. Choose filtered water for maximum absorption. Many foods contain significant levels of available water like cucumber and celery. If you are drinking enough water, consider what may be preventing absorption – salts, for example.

Nutritional deficiency.

Needs attention. Correcting nutritional deficiency will alleviate headaches, but also improve other symptoms so the body can function more efficiently. B vitamins can often be a culprit here. Magnesium can help.


The remedy for stress and strain is simple. Rest. The body is trying to send you a clear message it needs rest and attention. Stress management techniques are handy tools for life. Magnesium supplements are well tolerated. Epsom Salts baths are ideal sources of magnesium as well as a good muscle relaxant, readily absorbed through the skin. Lavender and peppermint oils can be effective in a bath, a diffuser or a few drops on your pillow. Whollygrail’s Peace and Vital Spirit Essential Oil Blends can be a handy go to in this instance.


Identifying the source of the sensitivity will allow you to avoid this headache trigger. Intolerances and sensitivities are often alleviated with nutritional therapies, and detoxification protocols.

Physical misalignment.

Trusted health practitioners are your best option here. You can alleviate some pain from inflammation and soothing muscle tension, but you will achieve best results when corrective action is taken by a qualified practitioner.

Sinus headaches are caused through congestion or infection of the sinus pathways. Identifying the cause of the sinus infection will help you move forward more confidently with your health, but typically we look for a way to alleviate the pain in the meantime. Salt sprays will help with the outer sinus, neti pots are good before the infection takes hold. Steaming with a combination of salts, essential oils can be effective as the entire respiratory system is targeted at once, this may need repeats depending on severity of infection. Rest. Avoid any food or environmental triggers that may exacerbate your sinus response.