The Bacon that loves you back.

Synthetic nitrates are used in bacon, and other cured meats, to extend shelf life.

It’s these elements that prompt health professionals to recommend limiting your intake of these foods.

That’s right, bacon can be enjoyed, without adverse health risk, if you are conscious of your choices.

Nitrate free bacon uses a natural celery oleoresin to cure the meat.

This typically means you need to use the product within a few days of opening, but consuming a product at it’s freshest is always a good rule of thumb. Free range (and true free range) produces a better quality product.

We’ve found the nitrate free bacon doesn’t seem to pop or spit out of the pan, and the flavour and texture to be on a whole new level.

We’d love to know what you think ?

Do you notice a difference in eating the nitrate free bacon compared to bacon cured with synthetic nitrate?