Sensitive Skin is a GOOD thing.

I know how frustrating it is having had both extreme skin sensitivity and helping others with sensitive skin conditions.

It's exhausting because you are constantly balancing between the hope that the next thing you try will be ok, and if it's ok, will continue to be ok with your skin, and the hopelessness that you feel like everyone else can use 'normal' products and you can't.

This article is here specifically to let you know:


1. You're not alone - there are A LOT of us, and

2. It's a good thing. Seems bad, but it's good.


Whether you have a diagnosis (eczema, rosacea, chronic dry skin, acne) or not, the skin condition you have is your body communicating with you. It's like the stereotypical squeaky wheel. It doesn't go away if you ignore it; in fact, it can get louder. Or, if you try some topical creams, it will hide for a little while, and then come back with a vengeance, at the most inconvenient time.

The point is, you're better to understand what your body is trying to tell you, and then work with it to heal. That's why it's good. It's like a warning light on the dash of your car, alerting you to what needs attention. Sometimes it's:



A product you are using, or something at home or work. Or it may be,



An imbalance in the body. It may be hormonal, exacerbated by a deficiency or an illness.


Working it out gives you the information you need to heal, and takes away the gamble of buying different products and hoping they'll work.


With this approach, you start to find the products that work for you, and to know what to avoid with a 10 foot pole. It also shows you the 'normal' products out there (or at least the ones that are on most shop shelves) aren't 'normal' at all. It's just that they're made to a formula that works for the manufacturer/brand. It is so empowering to know this, and be able to choose the right products for your skin.


It's why we created our truly natural skincare range. It's 100% for sensitive skin, and because of the way it's formulated, nourishes ALL skin types. Using natural fibres, produced organically, without chemicals is also important. You can check out our range in the Wholly Grail Store, learn more about the myths of the sensitive/normal/dry/oily/problem skin labels that commercial products use, and find other articles on skin conditions and easy natural care tips by reading more in our Journal.