5 Tips for better quality sleep

Waking refreshed from a good night's sleep can make the world of difference in your life. Here are our 5 tips to better quality sleep by creating a healthier, more sustainable environment.
  • Optimise air flow and quality. Keep your space well ventilated with natural air flow by opening windows regularly. Avoid fragrances, paraffin or soy candles. If you would like a fragrance, try a light spray occasionally with your favourite essential oil, or pop a few drops onto your cleaning cloth as you wipe surfaces. If you're needing some great oils, you'll find our trio of Whollygrail essential oils in our store.
  • Enjoy natural light where possible and keep electronic/digital devices out of the bedroom.
  • Enjoy the breathability and confidence of natural organic cotton fibres in your bedding, which allow your skin and body to breathe safely throughout the night. Your sheets are your most intimate contact during your sleep cycle and have a big impact. You can find our GOTS certified organic and fair trade cotton sheet sets in the home essentials collection of our Whollygrail store. Launder weekly and using eco friendly washing detergents like Bosisto's and Aware (both Australian small businesses).
  • Natural materials are best in the bedroom. try to avoid synthetic materials or those heavily treated and coated with synthetic coatings (like PVC, particleboard, laminates). A plant that has air purifying properties can also help to improve the air in the room.
  • Use the natural cleaning toolkit suggested in our blog - it's simple, easily accessible and effective without adding to your chemical load. Avoid clutter where possible. An organised space is a calm space and clutter attracts undesirables like dust and mould.
A healthier environment that's more sustainable is key to sleeping better. Once your environment is sorted, you can look to self care routines and practices if necessary. These can be very effective if there are chronic stressors or hormonal imbalance affecting sleep cycles. You will also find more information on this in our journal, but having your environment well managed is the best way to start to see results.