5 Tips to a Healthier Bathroom and a Healthier You

Follow these 5 tips to keep a healthy bathroom and a healthier you!
  • Clean regularly with truly natural cleaners. Note: This doesn’t necessarily include commercially made, ‘natural’ products. Hot water, cleaning vinegar, sodium bicarbonate, lemon or preferred essential oils like Whollygrail Vital Spirit or Clarity will do everything you need and keep your air clean and surfaces safe for you, your family and our environment. Check out our blog for truly natural cleaning that's simple and effective.
  • Improve air flow & quality. Air regularly with an open window, making sure the exhaust fan is on following bathroom use to clear moisture. Avoid all commercially made room sprays, fragrances and paraffin or soy candles. Paraffin candles are made by a waste product of oil production and give off toxic fumes that contain benzene and toluene. Soy candles often contain components other than soy and in both candle types, release microscopic particles that reduce air quality and affect the respiratory system. Keep your essential oils for your burner, diffuser, adding to the bath and to your cleaning. 
  • Keep your cabinet ‘clean’. Be discerning about the products you use in the bathroom. The products for your face, your skin and your body. Be discerning and make sure you are aware and happy with each ingredient on the ingredient list and confident in the brand you are buying. The absorption of synthetic chemicals and toxins into our body is predominantly through food and our skin and lungs.
  • Make sure you have the right towels for the jobs required in the bathroom. Having a set of bathroom towels that have dedicated tasks is more hygienic and means your towels will last longer. Choosing organic cotton fibres, produced sustainably is less exposure for your body and they’re more absorbent.
  • Try to keep to natural materials and away from materials like PVC, or particle board treated with chemicals like toxic resins or formaldehyde. These materials and coatings contain toxic elements that are released into the atmosphere and are particularly concentrated in small areas with heat and moisture. Attend to leaks and drips and keep an eye out for evidence of any mould, which would need to be remedied without delay.


Keeping our homes healthy goes a long way towards keeping us healthy. While you can apply these principles to different areas around your home, there are specific considerations for specific areas. Browse our blog for more valuable information on healthy homes, like healthy bedrooms.