What is your sweat trying to tell you?

Sweat is one of those things. It's super important for our health, but can be really inconvenient at times, and can affect our confidence.


To be clear, this article is relating to general, day to day sweating, without accompanying symptoms (like body temperature fluctuations, nausea, skin or other symptoms) that could indicate an infection, illness, and would need to be diagnosed by a medical professional.


Anti perspirants use chemicals to stop the body sweating, which is not dealing with the cause of the issue and creates further imbalance in the body, sustained imbalance creates the opportunity for illness.


Chronic sweating (without triggers like exercise, alcohol intake or anxiety) can be caused by a hormonal imbalance, or


it can be the body's release of waste products from food, beverages, or


it can be a bacterial imbalance, or


it can be the body's release of built up toxins from synthetic products used on the body, or absorbed by the body (skincare, makeup, haircare, cosmetic or pharmaceutical products, cleaning products, aerosols, perfumes). 


All of these can be effectively treated naturally, to bring the body back to balance and keep you confident. Using an effective natural deodorant without toxic synthetic ingredients is important in reducing the body's toxic load. You can find our popular natural deodorant in the Whollygrail Store. Having the right supports for your body and open detox pathways with a sustainable detox protocol is the ideal way back to health.