7 Essentials for Better Mental Health

Our mind is a muscle. It needs attention with different types of exercise as well as time for rest and recharge. 

Here's our list to keep that mental muscle in top condition:


1. Exercise. 

Yep, exercising your body, relaxes your mind. For you, it might look like getting sweaty with a run, swim or long walk, strength conditioning with weights; for others it might be a yoga sequence or stretching. Combining different types of exercise maximises the benefit.  

2. Create a healthy environment.

A tidy home helps with a tidy mind, even the task of cleaning up is helpful. Sunshine is key, because we are like complicated plants and vitamin D functions in all areas of the body and brain. Good air flow and reducing your exposure to synthetic chemicals is key. Check out the Whollygrail Store for chemical free sheets, towels and skincare.

3. Food.

Fresh foods and quality water is the foundation for a healthy body and mind. think about how much easier it is to think, to do and to be, when you eat well and keep hydrated. Consider the products you use on your skin, face and body. Choosing products free from synthetic and endocrine disrupting chemicals encourage a healthy mind and body.

4. Journal.

Writing your thoughts down is that one step further than just thinking them. Focus on what you feel grateful for as a priority. Allow your ideas to flow.

5. Drop the comfort zone.

Once, each day, do something that makes you feel uncomfortable. I don't mean running naked down the street - that would definitely feel uncomfortable! but more like things you avoid and that keep your world small. 

6. Friend yourself.

Try this on for size. Start talking to yourself as if you were your own best friend. That means drop the shaming and start being kind to you, encouraging and honest with yourself. Liberating.

7. Set goals and stretch.

As well as your daily do list, set yourself a goal each day, or even a larger one for the week or month that can be broken down into smaller steps towards your goal. A goal achieved is a goal rewarded!.


Keep these on your daily list and tick off as many as you can each day for a healthy mind, and a healthier body. Take a few moments at the end of the day to rate how your feel, and how many of these you've been able to tick off your daily list, to see exactly how much of a difference it makes!