Healthy hair naturally: beyond the wash-greasy-wash cycle.

Fed up with the wash-greasy-wash cycle?

Commercial shampoos are designed to strip your hair (they call it cleaning) and then conditioners coat your hair to give it that silky feel. What it actually does is strip the natural oils from your hair, sending the signal to the body to release more oil to replace and rebalance. The conditioner becomes heavy in coating the hair strands. Your hair becomes greasy, heavy and flat within a day or two, and then you're back to do it all again. Sounds crazy, doesn't it?

There are a few keys to getting out of the wash-greasy-wash cycle, with healthier hair, naturally.

  • use a natural shampoo and conditioner without synthetic chemicals or fillers. Check out our shampoo bar for a fuss free, natural shampoo concentrate;
  • lather up the shampoo bar in your hands and use the lather to focus on cleansing your scalp, twice, rinsing well after each cleanse;
  • use your conditioner bar in the same way, by lathering up and using the lather to massage into the body of the hair, avoiding the scalp;
  • lightly dry your hair after washing, comb gently and tie up, preferably with a fine cloth, like an old t shirt that you're ready to dedicate to another use;
  • allow to dry naturally, unless you're needing to do the blow dry thing;
  • consider a silk cap or pillowcase.

You should begin to see results straight away, and you'll notice improvements as you compare the health of your hair across a few months.

Happy healthy hair days!