Important tips for keeping mould away

Mould is a silent killer. It is easily absorbed into our body through our skin, respiratory and digestive systems and, it's difficult to shift.

Prevention is definitely better than cure with this one. (We have another article in the journal that focuses on recovery from mould illness).

The main sources of mould are environmental, from the products we use and our food.



Take extra care when selecting your food, that's its fresh. It's good to try and have a system of using your food within a week or so before re stocking at the store or market. How you keep your food is important too. The level of moisture in your fridge or pantry, or even your kitchen and food prep area is important.



It really is better to choose products made without use of a water phase - but most commercially made products do (it's cheaper for them to make). Concentrated products with low water content and pure oils are much easier to use and store, and are better for you. If you haven't already, you can find our beautiful range of all natural and concentrated skincare (all water free) in our store.



This is tricky but super important because it's changing all the time. Ideally, all of our homes would have excellent cross ventilation, above ground level, surrounded with clear and generous space, free from dense structures like stone or earth.

Some good tips to keep mould away at home:

  • keep airflow through the home regularly 
  • try to keep dust and dirt to a minimum (you don't want to feed mould)
  • dry your clothes outside
  • fix dripping or leaking taps without delay
  • use charcoal absorbers in areas without regular ventilation 
  • make sure your clothes, sheets and towels are completely dry before putting them back into your wardrobe or cupboard
  • clean up spills at home, and consider using a natural moisture absorber like diatomaceous earth with hard to manage spills - like in carpets or fabrics.
  • use a good quality dehumidifier if you have a moist area at home (an area that can smell a little damp, or the floor or walls feel almost damp) - you'll be amazed at how much water they can remove from the air.
  • use moisture absorbers in your fridge, (like bicarbonate of soda or diatomaceous earth) to soak up extra moisture in the atmosphere.
  • make sure pipes are flushed regularly.


Hoping these tips can help you keep your environment free from mould and the  invisible mould spores that inhabit before the visual mould appears.