Natural Face Wash, Concentrated Cleanser


Imagine a facial cleanser that has:

  • only skin loving ingredients, designed to balance and nourish your skin,

  • concentrated so it lasts a looong time,

  • is safe on both your skin and the planet when it's washed down the drain. 


 This is it.


We're creating skin care that's designed to work with your skin to balance and nourish. That's why you won't find any 'for dry skin' or 'for oily or combination skin' labels. These are simply marketing terms that describe products that have added alcohol (for oily) or more oils (for dry). We don't use alcohol, nor do we use any refined or synthetic ingredients. We don't add water and there are no preservatives, emulsifiers, fillers or fractionated ingredients. 

Your skin changes from day to day, at different stages of the month, and in your life. Different facial regions often have different needs - to treat your entire face as if it was all oily or dry, consistently, works against your skin and keeps you tied into buying the same product consistently. Our products are formulated to cleanse and nourish, to balance and feed your skin - working in harmony with your body, not against it.

We use pure, natural and whole ingredients with gentle processing techniques in small batches to optimise the integrity of our creations, so they're at their very best when they come to you. 

Our Natural Face Wash gives your skin;


  • nourishing and detoxifying properties of silica and magnesium in Australian clay blended with our pure, cold process coconut soap,
  • cold-pressed Australian olive oil and the healing properties of lavender essential oil, 
  • the ingredients and formulation in Whollygrail's Natural Face Wash is balancing, detoxifying and nourishing for all skin types. 
It's ideal combined with our Pure Rose Water Toner and Organic Jojoba Moisturiser in the Skin Food Bundle


Handcrafted in the Margaret River, in small batches, with love.

Bentonite clay, Water, Coconut soap, Australian olive oil, Pumice, Lavender essential oil.

Use concentrated for a deeper clean, or diluted for a lighter wash by adding a small amount of water.

If diluting for a lighter wash, add water to make a 'wash' before applying to your skin. It has a creamy smooth feel with just enough exfoliant to lift dirt and skin debris, leaving your skin soft, cleansed and free from impurities.

The drawing, cleansing effect of the face wash is alkalising. Follow with our hydrating Rose water Toner to return the skin to its natural pH and seal with Whollygrail's organic Jojoba moisturising oil.

Treading lightly on the planet is a given. Our Natural Face Wash uses natural, sustainable ingredients and recycled PET packaging.

Formulating as a concentrate means better quality ingredients and saves on average 6 bottles of liquid or cream face wash. Best of all, with 6-12 months in each tub, it’s lighter on your pocket, as well as the planet!

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